Fresh Linen is a provider of managed linen and towel services for hotels and restaurants.


Hotel: Bed Linen Super Delux
Value for Money
Table Linen Super Delux
Value for Money
Restaurant: Table Linen Super Delux
Value for Money
Washroom 600 gram towels
500 gram towels
Direct Sales: Bed Linen
Cleaning Cloths
Dust Sheets


We promise to:

  • Respond within 24 hours to all requests concerning textile rentals.
  • Analyse and evaluate the needs of potential clients and offer them objective advice without obligation.
  • Guarantee service in absolute accordance with the contract.
  • Process linen rental articles in accordance to the systems laid down.
  • Maintain, repair and replace after normal wear all articles hired to customers.
  • Ensure regular and punctual deliveries.
  • Assist customers by providing an after-sales service that guarantees the uninterrupted execution of their contracts.
  • Listen to customers in order to adapt services to their changing needs.
  • Inform customers of developments in existing services and the creation of new ones that might provide better solutions to their contractual requirements.
  • Use a method of invoicing that is clear, concise and in accordance with the contract.


While the laundry industry inherently recycles its product and does so in a more efficient and environmentally acceptable manner than smaller scale or domestic operations, Fresh Linen is concerned about the future of the environment.

We are committed to taking responsibility for the environmental effects of its actions by facing the challenges of environmental management and preventing pollution.

Fresh Linen will continue to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and subscribe to the following code of practice:

  • Examine and monitor our processes and operations.
  • Set specific objectives and targets based upon continuous improvement.
  • Train staff to ensure that the reasons for the environmental policy are understood at all levels.

Gender Pay Gap

At Fresh Linen we believe in promoting equality and diversity amongst our workforce. As such we welcome the opportunity to publish the information required under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Reporting) that shows gender pay gap levels within our business.

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